global marketing 19

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This is a bit of a review of a marketing principle you learned in MRKT 310, but since there is a question on it for our next case, I thought a review might be in order.

There are three levels of a product that require marketers to take into consideration when making strategy decisions. Each level adds more consumer value.

LEVEL 1 — Core customer value. This level answers the question: What is the buying really buying? It addresses the consumer’s problem for which this product meets that need. For example, a woman looking for lipstick is really looking for lip beauty.

LEVEL 2 — Actual product. This is the one we are most familiar with, it is the description of the product including its features, design, quality level, brand name and packaging. Carrying forth our lipstick example, this might be Revlon, Everlast lipstick, 20 different shades, easy to hold stick, platinum futuristic looking package, unique patented formula that holds color for at least 20 hours, both glossy and mat finishes. (I don’t wear lipstick so this is made up).

LEVEL 3 — Augmented product. Additional customer features and benefits and services. For lipstick it might be a money back guarantee, perhaps an optional carrying case with mirror, a website for user comments, an 800 number for questions, etc.

Your task, take a product you use everyday and run it through the three levels. Then discuss how the three levels might differ if the same product were to be marketed in a lesser developed country. What is the same, what is different? What implications does this have for the marketer?

Use a reference and comment on two (2) classmates’ posts.


Again, this is a review concept that you are asked to discuss in your next CWA.

The product/market expansion grid contains four quadrants. The quadrants are designed based on two dimensions, markets and products. The grid looks like this:

Your task: How do you think this grid applies to a company marketing multiple products in multiple countries? Is the analysis different for a global company with standardized products?

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