grading california

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Research and discuss California’s performance in exactly three areas. You may choose from the following list of quality of life indicators for your three areas:




Poverty Rate

Debt & Spending

Traffic Management

Leisure/Social Time (work-life balance)

Infrastructure and Road Maintenance

Conservation of Natural Resources

For each indicator:

Award CA a letter grade of A, B, C, D, or F. This should be for the entire state not just for the bay area:

-Describe why CA received this grade from you, and cite any sources used

-Use at least one source per topic.

-Do not just copy rankings from a website. Explain and defend the ranking you give, and fact check! In other words, make sure to use sources to

back up any facts or claims that you include, and do not simply write your opinion.

-If you award CA a grade of C or below, briefly (in one to three sentences) describe:

-What new and different strategies CA could implement in order to improve their standing in that area, and why those strategies would help.


-Describe why you think the government should not get involved

-If you award a grade of A or B, briefly (in one or two sentences) describe CA’s main reasons for success in this area.

In your conclusion:

Award CA an overall grade based only on the three indicators you chose to discuss. Do not include other indicators in this decision.



Your paper must be a minimum of 500 words (about 2 pages). It should not be longer than 750 words.

The paper must be in this exact formatting:

-Size 12 Times New Roman font

-Double spaced

-1 inch margins

Writing Style

No bullet points. Essay format.

In economics you should aim to be succinct, accurate, and professional:

-Make sure that you follow the formatting and length guidelines.

-Be succinct and to the point; say more with less words.

-Be professional. Write this essay as if it is for a future boss.


Any citations (not required) must be cited in your bibliography. MLA, and APA are both

acceptable…however you must cite all sources using the same format.

References should not include blogs, or other unreliable sources. Reliable sources

include: major news outlets, .edu websites, and peer reviewed sources.

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