Group Process and Dynamics

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CPSY 6250/PSYC6250/PSYC8251: Group Process and Dynamics

Screening Potential Clients – Week 4

Program Transcript



As you read the messages from potential clients, think about your response. Consider which clients you might accept into a general therapy group and which would not be accepted. Also, think about how the clients’ characteristics align with your own strengths and weaknesses as a group therapy leader.

Review the Discussion prompt before writing your response

CALLER 1 (FEMALE): Hi. I was calling to get information about your group program. Basically, I got charged with a DUI and have to attend some type of treatment or something. I really don’t know. So, I need to get some information and see if you can sign my form for me.

CALLER 2 (MALE): Hi, there. I’ve been doing some deep thinking lately, and I’m looking to figure some things out. I wanted to talk with you. Thank you for your time.

CALLER 3 (MALE): Hey. I’m in my second year of college, and I’m really stressed out with everything. My girlfriend and I just broke up, and I’m finding it really hard to concentrate. One of my professors told me the college counseling center offers group counseling. So I wanted to inquire about services and see if I should go. What do you think?

CALLER 4 (FEMALE): Yeah, hi. I heard about your group therapy program, and it sounds like you could really understand me. See, I just keep choosing the wrong guys for relationships. And I want to figure out how to meet my Mr. Right. Now, I’m not crazy or anything. I don’t know, maybe I just have bad luck. Who knows? Anyway, I read about your program, I saw your bio, and it sounds like we could have a special relationship. Call me back. OK? OK. I’ll be waiting.

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