Harley-Davidson Enterprise Software Selection Business case report (sample of written format attached)

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You must evaluate Harley-Davidson’s decision process for defining and selecting an enterprise-wide procurement software package and the institutional changes introduced as part of this process. The case tells the story of Harley-Davidson’s approach in developing integrated business processes and information systems to meet the needs of a visionary procurement strategy. Central to this activity was the evaluation and selection of an enterprise software package and implementation partner to support the strategy. Describes managerial reasoning and tactics to introduce significant organizational change into a setting where team-based responsibility and a culture of autonomy are prominent. You’ll want to compare and contrast the differences between tactical planning and strategic planning and what kind of decision you believe this decision will be.

You must read the HBS/Kellogg case and prepare a response. I have attached it below.

You should assume that you are a consultant hired to advise the Office of the CIO on the issues in the case. Using the information attached below you should carefully craft an argument for the actions that you believe they should undertake to address these issues. The company is an established leader and they recognizes that you are also an expert in this field. You must consult them on what to do. You should evaluate the decision making process and environments that affect this organization. You’ll also want to consider the Harley culture and the way Harley approaches tactical plans versus strategic plans.

You will be required to submit a written case report during this module. Written Business Case Reports are more detailed and in-depth than the class discussion summary that you have prepared previously. I have attached a sample of the written format for this Business Case Report.


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