HCS 465 Discussion

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1. A null hypothesis “has no difference between two variables”. (Rosenthal, 1991) So what does that mean? What does that look like? Well let’s say your hypothesis is that the loss of the cookies in your kitchen is due to your kids eating these cookies. Now you set up a test to find this out. Your data might show that the results were not all based on the kids eating the cookies; it could be that something random happened. Maybe a peer asks you how you know that your dog did not eat the cookies. Good question, how do you know? That is where the null hypothesis comes in. In order to prove your hypothesis you need to compare the results against the null hypothesis.100-150 words

Alternate Hypothesis: The loss of my cookies has to do with the children.

Null hypothesis: The loss of my cookies has nothing to do with the children.

Rosenthal, R., &Rosnow, R. L. (1991).Essentials of behavioral research: Methods and data analysis (2nd ed.). New York: McGraw-Hill, Inc

2. Have you ever wondered where your instructor comes up with their questions? I thought I would share the reason behind one of the Talking Points to give you a bit more information into the topic of light, fresh air, and healing. I had been combing through some items at work, previous studies we had done, and found this excerpt from Florence Nightingale:

Second to their need for fresh air is their need for light. . . it is not only light but direct sunlight . . . the usefulness of light in treating the disease is all important. (Nightingale, 1970, pp. 47-48) I had wondered how this thought process might change across other countries, especially as many areas in the world still do not have regular vaccinations; they have different health standards and so on.

These changes are not only prevalent in other countries; it can be as easy as going to another city in your own state. In example, our eICU watches patients at several other community hospitals. When we first start to design how our eICU can help these other hospitals, we need to complete a site visit to determine where cameras and microphones will go, as well as to understand their policies, procedures, and their individual ICU structure. One hospital we monitor has two separate locations, separated from each other about 5 miles apart. In one ICU, they have separate rooms, with walls, for each patient. In the other ICU, they have patients only separated by curtains.

Given that situation, would you think it possible that one locations patients might do worse than the other’s? Absolutely they could. If you are at the walled patient room campus and you have a contagion, the door can be closed; procedures can be taken to limit the flow of this contagion to others in the unit and so on. If you are a patient in the curtained wing and have a contagion, how is that going to be contained?100-150 words

There has been some tremendous ideas and dialogue regarding this question, keep up the good work.

Nightingale, F. (1970).Notes on Nursing. United Kingdom: Brandon Systems Press


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