healthy people 2020 application 1

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Visit thiswebsite on “Topics and Objectives” and select (Diabetes).


Then, compare Healthy People 2020 goal and objectives (click on Diabetes for your goal, then click on Objectives and select: D-1 Reduce the annual number of new cases of diagnosed diabetes in the population) there are current statistics for that issue.

Then write an introduction (150 words) about why this topic was chosen, description of Diabetes, purpose of Healthy People 2020, the objective for the Diabetes,


A statistics page (USA, Kentucky state, national/international), compare current statistics and objective.


A discussion page. Identify existing programs that will help achieve the objective for Diabetes. Summary and conclusion, including action plan.


– 3 pages (introduction, statistics and conclusion) double-spaced, include all sources/references.

– Used (APA format).

– Must have a minimum of 4 references (Healthy People document will NOT be counted as part of your sources/references).

– All sources must be “.Gov, .Org, or.Edu”  (use Google scholar)


– Use simple words.

– Due after 2 hours from now.

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