Help on Ethical Issue Outline Assignment

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Ethical Issue Outline

Now that you understand the building blocks of good arguments, it is time to construct one. Arguments about values are made every day. Your assignment is to build an outline of an ethical issue.

Pick one of the topics below. Consider the views on the topic and settle on one you are comfortable defending. Think of these views as arguments. Each argument has premises and a conclusion. The stance on the issue will be the conclusion and the reasons for that stance will be the premises.

Write a brief outline the argument identifying premise statements with a (P), support for premise statements with a (S) and conclusion with a (C). The outline should be at least one page long – no more than two.. All statements must be written as complete sentences with a subject and a verb.

This is the topic: Are drunk driving laws too strict or too lenient?

Attached below is an example of an outline of the assignment on how it should look.

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