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Find an article that discusses the results of a survey poll. Discuss and critique their methodology, results, and discussion. For example, was an appropriate sampling method used to support their results? Was a confidence interval provided? What does the confidence interval mean? How confident do you feel with their results based on their methodology? Explain. NOTE: You do not have to use a peer reviewed journal.





Heres a sample:


the article which I have chosen for this week’s discussion is regarding increasing the minimum wage in America.  This issue has received a lot of press recently and there are strong opinions on both side.  In 2014, the popular site, Career Builder reported that 62% of employers were in favor of the proposal to increase minimum wage.  The surveyed 2188 human resource managers and 3372 full time workers across various fields.  The study was conducted online by Harris Poll.  Overall, the increase in the minimum wage was favored because it could increase the standard of living, increase the economy, increase employee retention, and encourage better work ethic amongst workers (Career Builder 2014).  The employers who opposed the increase in minimum wage cited hiring less people, more layoffs, and small businesses would be at a disadvantage as reasons why they were not in favor of it.  


I believe that an appropriate sampling method was used to support the findings.  The poll took the answers from a large number of people and also polled different industries to compare results.  Overall, the conclusion was that there should be a law put in place to increase the minimum wage to $10-14.  The confidence interval was 95% with a sampling error of +/-1.69%.  This means that the researchers are 95% confident with their sample results and can have a +/- 1.69% sampling error in the data.  I feel that their results were strong and based on their explained methodology, their margin for error was quite small.  Additionally, the results provide clear data interpretation which is simple to understand and interpret which is important for discussion purposes.  


Career Builder. (25 September 2014). 62 Percent of Employers Think Minimum Wage Should Be Increased, Finds New CareerBuilder Survey. Retrieved


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