Separate quotes for: 1) Answering question requirements under 700 words 2) helping me figure out…

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Separate quotes for:1) Answering question requirements under 700 words2) helping me figure out how to layout the 'plan'

SCENARIO 2: (needs to be under 700 words MAX)

An organisation [RAJ] is currently reviewing its reward and compensation management

strategies. This review is initially associated with senior management compensation,

however, the CEO is concerned with the results of a recent employee survey which

highlighted a lack of understanding at all levels in the organisation of compensation and

reward management. You have been hired as a consultant to address this lack of

understanding of compensation and reward management. In your brief, the CEO has

requested that you address such issues as: How does reward management link with

strategy? What types of employee rewards are there? In addition to these requests, the CEO

has requested you to address senior management of the organisation and the CEO at the

next senior management meeting. The CEO is particularly interested in the principles and

objectives of reward management.

Prepare a plan to address the concerns of the CEO

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