Assignment Specifics Part 1 Discuss the following: What can cause instability and dissonance in…

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Assignment Specifics

Part 1

Discuss the following:What can cause instability and dissonance in human behavior?How do disturbances in equilibrium generate opportunities for learning?How do you reconcile the idea that constructivism results in a subjective reality when most teachers and trainers are charged with delivery of fixed, prescribed information and ideas?Can both approaches be accomplished in a class?How might you use constructivism in designing a general science class for eighth graders? Why? How?

Part 2

Discuss the following:Do you think that designers and teachers should generate discomfort in young students, encouraging the process that Piaget called equilibration?How do instructional designers and teachers incorporate methods in courses that promote equilibration?How do instructors and designers help young students achieve accommodation?How do you think that this idea relates to adult learning theory, as stated by Malcolm Knowles in the principles of andragogy?How do the theoretical similarities play out in considering the design of instruction for adults?Are both theories related to constructivism? Why or why not?

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