17) Competitive advantage through operations can be achieved by ________, ________, and/or ________.

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17) Competitive advantage through
operations can be achieved by ________, ________, and/or ________.

18) Provide an example of an organization
that achieves competitive advantage through experience differentiation.

Section 4 Issues in Operations Strategy

1) Before establishing and implementing
strategy, a resources view would ensure that which of the following resources
are available?
A) financial
B) physical
C) human
D) technological
E) all of the above

2) Porter’s Five Forces Model is used to
evaluate competition based on which 5 aspects?
A) research and development, cost, legal
regulations, suppliers, customers
B) immediate rivals, potential entrants,
customers, suppliers, and substitute products
C) potential entrants, customers,
suppliers, legal regulations, and cost
D) immediate rivals, potential entrants,
cost, substitute products, and legal regulations
E) cost, legal regulations, advertising
effectiveness, potential entrants, and immediate rivals

3) Porter’s Five Forces Model contains
which of the following?
A) immediate rivals
B) potential entrants
C) customers
D) suppliers
E) all of the above
Who introduced the concept of value-chain analysis?
A) Ford
B) Toyota
C) Porter
D) Smith
E) Gates

5) Value-chain analysis can be used to determine
if a business is adding unique value in which of the following areas?
A) product research
B) human resources
C) process innovation
D) quality management
E) all of the above

6) Which of the following is not part of
value-chain analysis?
A) product research
B) quality management
C) supply chain management
D) marketing
E) human resources

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