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multiple choice

1. A ____ is a feature left behind by system designers or maintenance staff. (Points : 5) virus
back door

Question 2.2. ____ are used to create procedures. (Points : 5) Guidelines

Question 3.3. A ____ program keeps information security at the forefront of users' minds on a daily basis. (Points : 5) security accountability
security education
security training
security awareness

Question 4.4. In ____, individuals act as if an actual incident occurred, and begin performing their required tasks and executing the necessary procedures, without interfering with the normal operations of the business. (Points : 5) a desk check
a simulation
a structured walk-through
parallel testing

Question 5.5. When a disaster threatens the viability of an organization at the primary site, the ____ is started. (Points : 5) crisis management process
business continuity process
incident response process
disaster recovery process

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