Ethical Dilemma Question

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Please answer this question: You work in the supply chain department for a consumer goods company. You have recently expanded globally shipping goods to a nation where it is customary and legal to pay payoff customs agents to expedite imports through customs. Your shipment of goods should have arrives 2 weeks prior to the planned product launch to align with TV and in?store marketing campaigns already set in motion. However, due to shipping delays your goods have arrived in customs only 3 days before the launch. If you pay?off the customs agent ($100s) your goods will be prioritized and make it to the shelf on time. If you do not, your product will not be on the shelf for the launch costing you millions in marketing expense and untold costs in negative equity with your new market. You recall that bribes go against your company's values, but you have never operated in this country before and here it is legal. What do you do?

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