1. Explain the decision support system concept and how it differs from traditional management… 1 answer below »

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1. Explain the decision support system concept and how it differs from traditional management information systems. Search the Internet for other examples of both “mere reporting” and transformational implementations of business intelligence tools. What seem to be the main distinction between reporting and process-transformation BI rollouts? (5 Marks)2. Explain how the following information systems can support the information needs of executives, managers, and business professionals: (9 Marks)o Executive information systemso Enterprise information portalso Knowledge management systems3. Discuss Wheelies’ needs of a Decision Support System. Consider the structure of the company in terms of Strategic Management, Tactical Management and Operational Management and the kind of decisions they are required to take. Give the situations where the following analyses are required: What-if analysis, Sensitivity analysis, Goal-seeking analysis and Optimization analysis (10 Marks)
Task 02:
1. Identify the role and reporting alternatives of management information systems. (5Marks)2. Describe how online analytical processing can meet key information needs of Wheelies managers in their respective geographical areas. (10 Marks)3. Amazon.com relies on an expert system to refer books to its customers. Like many e- commerce sites, Amazon allows visitors to search for, buy, and review books. Amazon.com takes its database interactivity a step further. Given a particular book title, its case-based reasoning engine examines all past sales of that book to see if the customers who bought that book shared other book purchases in common. It then produces a short list and presents that list to the user. The overall effect approaches that of a sales clerk who says, “Oh! If you like this book, then you’ll really like reading these as well.” Amazon’s system has the experience of hundreds of millions more transactions than even the most wizened and well-read sales clerk. Equipped with this information, customers may consider purchasing additional books, or the information may increase customers’ confidence that they have selected the right book. Better information increases customers’ confidence in their purchases and encourages additional sales.a) Give examples of several ways expert systems can be used in business decision- making situations for Wheelies Group of companies. (5 Marks)b) How do you feel about online merchants tracking your purchases and using this information to recommend additional purchases? Is this ethical? (5 Marks)
Task 03:
You are hired by a company that is developing and implementing informationsystems. You are assigned to prepare a report and give a presentation to Wheelies that is not using integrated information system yet. Your audience is a group of senior executives and high-level managerial and technical staff. Your objective is to convince them that integrated information systems would greatly improve their management and operation functions. Your report and presentation must discuss the components of information systemi.e. functions, software, hardware, data resources, network, development and implementation processes, management of information systems, how IS and IT can improve managing the company and assist the executives in achieving competitive advantage. You also have to recommend suitable integrated information systems.You have achieved your objective if by the end of your presentation the audience has a good understanding of integrated IS/IT systems and its components, its implementation process and the benefits their company can get by installing integrated information systems. You have also to present your report to the class who role-plays the company executives and technical staff. (36 Marks)

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