As a group you will discuss and prepare a 200 word introduction to the country/company/product/…

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REFER TO FEASIBILITY REPORT (WHICH YOU HAVE TO DO) IN THIS DOCUMENT FOR MORE INSTRUCTIONS. Students are to make groups of 4 in their first tutorial. As a group you will discuss and prepare a 200 word introduction to the country/company/product/service/target persona. Each student is to keep this agreed introduction to inform their individual research paper. This introduction is to be handed in as part of the Economics paper ONLY. Each group member will receive the same result for this introduction. Drafts of these are to be discussed with your group and tutor in the tutorial in week 4 as per schedule above. Each group member will nominate to complete ONE of the following sections individually: Economics and Trade; Social and Cultural; Political and Regulatory; Legal Each student will prepare an individual 1000 word report (excludes appendices, graphs, tables, diagrams, headings) (+-10%) on their nominated section. This report will inform the Feasibility study report on whether to launch their product /service into that country or not. More detail can be found on Canvas. Evaluation criteria:
1. Presentation of Macro research paper including spelling, grammar (10%)
2. Harvard referencing (10%)
3. Introduction (20%)
4. Content of report (60%)
Refer to your shared introduction for every individual paper.
All individual papers must discuss relevance/implications for your target customer/persona and should include the following where relevant for your target persona.Other elements referred to in either lecture, tutorial, text, other relevant readings are to be assessed and used if relevant.
Student 1 – Economic/Trade – Income per capita, disposable income, inflation, interest rates, currency/exchange, population, demographics and trends, unemployment, urbanisation, risk, stability, physical quality of life index, GINI index or spread of income, availability of technology.
Student 2 – Political/Regulatory – corruption, freedom, trade agreements with Australia and where your product is made. Agreements between your proposed country and where your product is made to gain tariff benefits, ease of doing business, risk, stability.
Student 3 – Legal – Advertising laws, labour laws, product/content laws, labeling laws, other laws as applicable to your product/country, stability, piracy.
Student 4 – Social/Cultural – Hofstede cultural dimensions, holidays, customs, family, food, language, lifestyle, education, religion, material life – technology, use of technology, infrastructure, high/low context, stereotypes.

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