Culture and History in Artistic Expression Student’s Name Institution Art is defined as the crea

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Culture and History in Artistic Expression

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Art is defined as the creation of objects, experiences and environments that are aesthetic through imagination and skills that exists. Art is a vehicle for communication and expression of the emotions and ideas that are deeply rooted in the historical context, that is, the social, cultural, political and the economic contexts where it is found.

Historical contexts, like socioeconomic, political and cultural contexts have shaped and influenced the artistic expression (Sa dawi 1997). Art expounds the religious, political and philosophical judgments that come out from the environment of the artist. Some of the contextual aspects that shape the artists, and their work are teachers and the Impacts of the earlier styles and their demands as well as the political, cultural and the socioeconomic climate ( Hirschberg, 2013).

Arts patronage has commonly been used in the entire journey of history to endorse the agenda and ambitions of individuals and the named institutions and in particularly important in the composition of arts of religion.

For example, the Roman Catholic Church was a lively sponsor of arts that ended up in a tremendous outpouring of painting, architecture, decorative crafts and sculpture in and mediaeval Europe. Artistic work from a certain historical period is the original information source that is found at some time and gives information about that time.

Nawal El Sadawi' book Circumcision of Women and Judith Ortiz book The Myth of a Latin woman expounds and conveys cultural and historical aspects of their society by using fictitious characters.  For instance, Nawaal brings out the cultural practice of circumcision for the female in her society that tends to be the history of her society.

Similarly, Judith in her book also highlights the cultural practices and beliefs of her society tagged on the notion of stereotype she brings out the historical aspect of women in her society (Latin) to be sexual firebrand as their heritage lends the title.

 The entire collection brings together the aspects of racial conflicts, working responsibilities, adolescent’s relationship with others, thus making the reading helpful to students to compare their experiences with those of others in different circumstances.























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