a presentation powerpoint. 20 slides, 20 second/slide. use the document i provided to support the po

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a presentation powerpoint. 20 slides, 20 second/slide. use the document i provided to support the powerpoint. (TITILE, fakes and copying culture in China: implication for fashion business)

Document Preview:

Pecha Kucha 20 X 20
Workshop 4th February 2013
Pecha Kucha is from the Japanese word for the sound of ‘chit chat’
The idea was devised in Tokyo in 2006 by Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham. Their original goal was to create a space where designers could share their ideas with others.
The Pecha Kucha format has restrictions: namely, 20 slides, on display for 20 seconds each. Every Pecha Kucha presentation, regardless of speaker or topic, is exactly 6 minutes and 40 seconds in length.
The idea has gathered global momentum and Pecha Kucha meetings now take place in many international cities
The format is ideal to present your ideas in a precise and mainly visual way
The subject
Your task is to individually produce a Pecha Kucha presentation
Each presentation is on one topic associated with the external environment of the Kingdeer brand
The topic of your presentation will be selected by chance from 21 titles
You have the option to swap your title with someone else
Negotiate with other members of the cohort who have may have a title that you would prefer
You may feel that you have more access to relevant information, more knowledge, more personal interest – in another topic
You can only swap your title during this workshop
You have 15 minutes to negotiate

You have 15 minutes to consider the key issues associated with your topic
Produce a list of bullet points of the key issues. You may confer if you wish.
Thorough independent research is required for this short project
Tips for your presentation
Images are the key to effective Pecha Kucha.
Two key points per slide as a guide
Memorize your key points
Practice – otherwise you will not succeed in delivering your talk in the given time
Copyright – All images and quotations must be referenced using the Harvard system
Remember to set the timer on your…



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