Question 12.5 points Save Which of the following statements is most accurate regarding nonverbal com

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Question 12.5 points Save Which of the following statements is most accurate regarding nonverbal communication:nonverbal communication should be ignorednonverbal communication is usually consistent with verbal communicationnonverbal communication usually contains more meaning than verbal communicationmanagers do not need to be effective at reading nonverbal communicationnonverbal communication cannot enhance or taint verbal messages Question 22.5 points Save A message that has been transmitted from one person to another is called a ‘signal.’TrueFalse Question 32.5 points Save Nonverbal messages rarely add content to verbal messages.TrueFalse Question 42.5 points Save Encoded information the source intends to share with another person is:the destinationthe messagethe signalfeedbackthe source Question 52.5 points Save One of the most important, most difficult, and most neglected skills in communication is:listeningselecting the correct signaldecodingfeedbackencoding Question 62.5 points Save Verbal communication is the sharing of information without using words to encode thoughts.TrueFalse Question 72.5 points Save Managers can use grapevines advantageously to maximize information flow to employees.TrueFalse Question 82.5 points Save Which of the following would be considered a nonverbal form of communication?a teleconferencethe tone of the voicea written performance appraisala written policyan e-mail Question 92.5 points Save The source’s view of the destination of the communication is a communication microbarrier.TrueFalse Question 102.5 points Save Which of the following is NOT a part of the influencing process?understanding peoplecontrollingcommunicatingmotivatingconsidering groups Question 112.5 points Save The coaching leader identifies inappropriate behavior in followers and suggests how they might correct that behavior.TrueFalse Question 122.5 points Save When managers follow the decision tree in the Vroom-Yetton-Jago Model and conclude they should meet with subordinates as a group, and the group should make the decision, their decision-making style can be referred to as type CII.TrueFalse Question 132.5 points Save ________ is leader behavior that focuses primarily on subordinates as people.Structure behaviorConsideration behaviorJob centered behaviorEmployee centered behavior Question 142.5 points Save Which approach to leadership suggests successful leadership requires a unique combination of leaders, followers, and leadership situations?the contemporary leader approachthe situational approach to leadershipthe trait approachcontingency approachtransformational leadership Question 152.5 points Save According to the characteristics of the emerging leader versus characteristics of the manager, which of the following would be associated with the leader?problem-solvingindependentauthoritativeconsultingstabilizing Question 162.5 points Save The Vroom-Yetton-Jago Model of leadership provides that subordinates should accept and be committed to organizational decisions that are made.TrueFalse Question 172.5 points Save The situational approach was the earliest of theories about what makes leaders effective.TrueFalse Question 182.5 points Save According to the contingency theory of leadership, ________ is the degree to which the leader feels accepted by the followers.Task structureLeader-member relationsTransformational leadershipPositive power Question 192.5 points Save The Vroom-Yetton-Jago Model suggests leaders should match one of five decision-making styles to a situation, dependent upon the results of following a decision tree.TrueFalse Question 202.5 points Save In servant leadership, leaders view their primary role as helping their followers.TrueFalse Question 212.5 points Save A team is a group whose members influence one another toward the accomplishment of an organizational objective.TrueFalse Question 222.5 points Save A committee is a task group charged with performing some type of specific activity.TrueFalse Question 232.5 points Save The terms group and team are not synonymous.TrueFalse Question 242.5 points Save Formal groups that handle routine activities and are outlined on an organization chart are called:internal groupswork teamstask groupscommitteescommand groups Question 252.5 points Save According to a study by McLeod and Jones, why did managers favor committees?the information they got from committees was more valuable than from other sourcesthey could blame committees for their own failuresthey got more information from committees than other organizational sourcescommittees arrive at solutions to problems more quicklymost executives do not favor committees or do not display qualified acceptance of them Question 262.5 points Save Which of the following situations would most likely cause groupthink?a newly formed groupa competitive groupa highly cohesive groupwhen no one leader has been identifiedall of the above Question 272.5 points Save The most widely accepted framework for explaining the evolution of informal groups was developed by:Bernard BassFrederick TaylorGeorge HomansPeter DruckerAbraham Maslow Question 282.5 points Save Sociogram analysis can give manager specific and useful suggestions about what they should do to improve the functioning of a group.TrueFalse Question 292.5 points Save A sociometric diagram that summarizes the personal feelings of organization members about the people in the organization with whom they would like to spend free time is a:friendship chartsocial auditsocial diagramsociogramformal group development diagram Question 302.5 points Save To build trust within a team, the manager should communicate often to team members.TrueFalse Question 312.5 points Save A reward that consists of the elimination of an undesirable consequence of behavior is:extinctionterminationpunishmentpositive reinforcementnegative reinforcement Question 322.5 points Save According to McClelland’s Acquired Needs Theory, an individual with which of the following need profiles would be comfortable in competitive situations and enjoy her decision-making role?low need for affiliationlow need for powerlow need for achievementhigh need for achievementhigh need for power Question 332.5 points Save According to Herzberg, which of the following is needed just to prevent the employee from becoming dissatisfied with work?responsibilityadvancementsalaryopportunity for recognitiongrowth Question 342.5 points Save Rewards that come directly from performing a task are:extrinsic rewardsintrinsic rewardsmoneyexpectanciesequities Question 352.5 points Save According to equity theory, everyone who feels treated unfairly at work will seek other employment.TrueFalse Question 362.5 points Save Herzberg maintains the best way to motivate an individual would be to give that individual a pay raise.TrueFalse Question 372.5 points Save According to Herzberg, which of the following is NOT a motivating factor?salaryresponsibilitygrowthadvancementwork itself Question 382.5 points Save Motivation strength is determined by money.TrueFalse Question 392.5 points Save A subjective maturity-immaturity continuum was developed by:SkinnerHerzbergMcClellandAlderferArgyris Question 402.5 points Save Intrinsic rewards are rewards that come directly from performing a task.TrueFalseQuestion 412.5 points Save An example of a technology idea would be employing bar coding to better manage inventory.TrueFalse Question 422.5 points Save Philip Crosby is known throughout the world as an expert in the area of quality and is considered a pioneer of the quality movement in the United States.TrueFalse Question 432.5 points Save The last step of the innovation process is Integrating.TrueFalse Question 442.5 points Save Under the TQM concept, organization members do not work both individually and collectively to maintain the quality of products being offered to the marketplace.TrueFalse Question 452.5 points Save Coca-Cola is a company that has often been cited for creating systems that support the creativity of the company’s employees.TrueFalse Question 462.5 points Save Credit for the establishment, development, and growth of TQM should be given to:EnglandKoreaJapanU.S.Australia Question 472.5 points Save The most prestigious international award for quality is the Malcolm Baldridge Award.TrueFalse Question 482.5 points Save An idea that has to do with redesigning the organizational structure is a ________ idea.technologyhumanmanagementprocessproduct Question 492.5 points Save Which of the following statements best describes the relationship between creativity and innovation?creativity precedes innovationthey are the sameinnovation precedes creativityeither may precede the otherno one knows Question 502.5 points Save In the Integrating step of the innovation process, the invention is established as a permanent part of the organization.TrueFalse Question 512.5 points Save Adhocracy culture is an organizational culture characterized by a strong internal focus with a high degree of flexibility and discretion.TrueFalse Question 522.5 points Save ________ culture is an organizational culture characterized by an internal focus along with an emphasis on stability and control.HierarchyClanMarketAdhocracy Question 532.5 points Save ________ are formal activities conducted on important organizational occasions.Organization rewardsOrganization ceremoniesOrganization symbolsCultural artifacts Question 542.5 points Save The ________ dimension of organization culture is a facet or organization culture that focuses on making sure that an organization emphasizes not only what is good for the organization, but what is good for other human beings.SpiritualityEthicsInnovationQuality Question 552.5 points Save Managing organization culture normally begins by establishing a vision of what the culture of an organization should be.TrueFalse Question 562.5 points Save Health is defined in terms of the extent to which a culture facilitates the achievement of organizational mission and objectives.TrueFalse Question 572.5 points Save ________ are objects that have meanings beyond the intrinsic content.Cultural artifactsOrganization rewardsOrganization ceremoniesOrganization symbols Question 582.5 points Save Clan culture is an organizational culture characterized by flexibility and discretion along with an external focus.TrueFalse Question 592.5 points Save Which of the following is NOT a step a manager should take to build a high performance organization culture?Build employee commitmentsInvest in talentHold managers accountableLead as an underdog Question 602.5 points Save Appropriate performance behavior needs to be reinforced and rewarded.TrueFalse Question 612.5 points Save The typical Information System is an informally established organizational network.TrueFalse Question 622.5 points Save The level of activity established to serve as a model for evaluating organizational performance is:productivitya standardan objectivea problem Question 632.5 points Save A manager can never have too much information.TrueFalse Question 642.5 points Save Which of the following is NOT a factor that determines the value of information?information timelinessinformation qualityinformation analysisinformation quantity Question 652.5 points Save Information appropriateness has to do with how ________ information is.relevantwell-organizedtimelyaccurate Question 662.5 points Save A standard is the level of activity established that must be met to ensure organizational performance.TrueFalse Question 672.5 points Save The first step in the controlling process is comparing measured performance to standards.TrueFalse Question 682.5 points Save ________ and ________ have been called the “Siamese twins of management.”setting standards and measuring performancemanaging and leadingplanning and controllingproblems and symptoms Question 692.5 points Save A problem is the same thing as a symptom.TrueFalse Question 702.5 points Save After you compare measurement to a standard, you need to modify the performance level to be in line with the standard.TrueFalse Question 712.5 points Save The first stage in a cost control program is:make changes to reduce actual labor and material costsmeasure actual labor and material costsestablish standard or planned labor and material costscompare planned labor and material costs to incurred costsany of the above may be a first step Question 722.5 points Save Return on investment is an example of a(n) ________ ratio.liquidityoperationsprofitabilityactivity Question 732.5 points Save A product layout is a layout pattern based primarily on grouping together similar types of equipment.TrueFalse Question 742.5 points Save Productivity can be expressed by the equation: Productivity = Inputs/Outputs.TrueFalse Question 752.5 points Save The process used to determine how many products should be inspected to calculate a probability that the total number of products will meet organizational quality standards is:quality assurancestatistical quality controlthe “no rejects” processautomationquality circles Question 762.5 points Save Quality improvement efforts generally lower productivity.TrueFalse Question 772.5 points Save The first step in making sound strategic capacity decisions is to compare future capacity needs and available capacity to determine whether capacity must be increased or decreased.TrueFalse Question 782.5 points Save Product strategy is an operational plan of action outlining which goods and services an organization will produce and market.TrueFalse Question 792.5 points Save Deming believes if you want good quality, you hire many inspectors to ensure the operation is producing at the desired quality level.TrueFalse Question 802.5 points Save Statistical quality control is a much broader concept than quality assurance.TrueFalse

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