Assessment: Creating a fashion or product photo shooting for a famous brand of your choice…

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Assessment: Creating a fashion or product photo shooting for a famous brand of your choice
The course is assessed (100%) by an individual presentation involving an in-depth, strategic planning for a photography campaign. The objectives to be addressed for the presentation are clearly stated in the following document. The students should be able to select a famous company for which the campaign would be developed.
The task is briefed in Week 1 and during the semester. The presentation is to be done on Week 10 and the PowerPoint presentation are to be uploaded the same day at 10pm.
LEARNING OUTCOMES Develop an educated eye that allows the creation of photographic compositions using general design principles and visual literacy concepts such as balance, rhythm or contrast. Critically assess the different photography types and their usage according the communication strategy of a company. Critically evaluate the role of photography workflow and how it affects the timings of a campaign. Suggest a clear budget, produce and post-produce an advertising campaign.
The presentation must demonstrate clear analytical skills taking account the elements listed below. The elements are to serve as a guideline and must be appropriately linked to one another to address specific questions that companies might meet. Formative work in a weekly basis will be achieved to guide the student through analytical tools required to address the task.
Presented that Mr. Wilson Ortiz working for the company you have selected gives you a budget of €40.000 to create his next photography campaign. Your presentation must address the following elements:
Choose an existing brand/company. Imagine that this company is asking for ideas for the next photography campaign. This wants to see two different ideas. Be creative and develop the ideas deeper. Start by analyzing their brand and their current photo identity. Create an estimated budget for a starter photoshoot which will execute your plan. Create a new photographic concept for the Brand you choose explaining how the photos correspond to the brand-image of the company you chose. Carefully decide thing how many models will you need. How many makeup people you think these models would require, the photographer in charge, etc. Keep your plan realistic and according to the budget.
Further information to be considered: Be careful not to download only pictures from the Internet. Explain your ideas also with images as well as with text. You may also add the website name of the photographer you have chosen The models are very important. Pictures of the models with makeup and without makeup must be available. You ?nd this data on model agencies websites. The clothing is also very important

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