Question 1 Nonconsequentialist theories are also known as: a) Lockean theories b) Results theories..

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Question 1

Nonconsequentialist theories are also known as:

a) Lockean theories
b) Results theories
c) Deontological
d) None of the above
Question 2

Individuals bound by ____________________ have particular
goals set for themselves, as well as the universal moral obligations.

a) Good will
b) A hypothetical
c) A categorical imperative
d) Moral worth
Question 3

A practical basis for discussing moral issues involves
taking account of:

a) effects, ideals,
and obligations
b) effort, duties, and organization
c) compassion, intellect, and patience
d) compliance, contribution, and consequences
Question 4

Volunteering at an after-school program for disadvantaged
teens is the duty of:

a) Self-improvement
b) Beneficence
c) Gratitude
d) Fidelity
Question 5

“If you want to go to law school, then you must take
the LSAT exam.” This statement is an example of:

a) the transcendental imperative.
b) the categorical imperative.
c) a hypothetical
d) irrational behavior.
Question 6

A science teacher feels he has an obligation to the success
of the students in his class. However, he also an obligation to the department
head to administer difficult tests that, in recent semesters, his students have
not performed well on. This is an example of which of the following?

a) A conflict of obligations and effects.
b) A conflict of ideals and effects.
c) A conflict of
obligations and morality.
d) A conflict of obligations and ideals.
Question 7

Maxims are:

a) The rules utilitarians abide by.
b) The guidelines for establishing a free
c) Those who exercise a moralistic lifestyle.
d) General principles
that a person can live by.
Question 8

Which type of utilitarians base what is considered morally
sound on set precedents?

a) Act utilitarians
b) Ethical utilitarians
c) Decision utilitarians
d) Rule utilitarians
Question 9

The statement that best defines rights is:

a) All moral rights are legal rights.
b) A negative right is a right to receive
certain benefits.
c) A right is an
entitlement to act or to have others act in a certain way.
d) All moral rights are human rights.
Question 10

Kant believed that we should always act:

a) In such a way that we can will the maxim of
our action to be a local law.
b) In a way that treats success as an end in
itself, never merely as means.
c) In a way that would be universally
unacceptable to all rational beings.
d) In a way that we
can will the maxim of our action to become a universal law.
Question 11

What is the term coined by Kant for an absolute and
universal moral demand or obligation founded on reasoning?

a) Categorical
b) Good will
c) Egoism
d) Ethics
Question 12

Which of the following statements about business egoism is

a) It ultimately produces results that lead to
the improvement of society.
b) Its primary
concern is the well-being of consumers.
c) It is the belief that is it morally
acceptable for individuals to pursue their economic interests in business.
d) Business egoism is focused entirely on the
Question 13

Moral judgments should be:

a) Logical, based in religion, and appeal to the
principles religion believes are morally sound.
b) Logical, based in
facts, and appeal to sound moral principles.
c) Based in history and appeal to those who have
been conflicted with moral decisions longer.
d) Fickle and appeal to those within the younger
Question 14

The method for reaching moral decisions by combining
elements of both consequentialist and nonconsequentialist theories was created
by which philosopher?

a) Albert Carr
b) V.R. Ruggerio
c) John Locke
d) Immanuel Kant
Question 15

Kant believed that only when we respond from a sense of duty
to the moral law can our actions have:

a) Good will
b) Self-interest
c) Utilitarianism
d) Moral worth

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