51) All of the following are routine announcements EXCEPT A) alerting customers about a sale B)…

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51) All of the following are
routine announcements EXCEPT
A) alerting customers about a
B) informing your employees about
a promotion within your department
C) notifying the public about job
opportunities in your company
D) sharing new terms of service
with your customers
E) acknowledging that you
received the files that your client sent

52) Announcements to employees at
your company are typically made in all of the mediums below EXCEPT
A) company website
B) memo
C) flyer
D) newspaper
E) email

53) Which of the following
statements is NOT true?
A) An announcement email rarely
requires a response.
B) An announcement email is
usually a one-way, informational communication.
C) An announcement email should
be organized so it is easy to skim.
D) An announcement email will go
to a broad audience.
E) An announcement email will go
to just one or two people.

54) Using the blind carbon copy
(bcc) feature of email ________.
A) discloses to the recipient
that you are sending a copy of the email to someone else
B) respects the recipients by
keeping their identities and email addresses private
C) is ethical if you are
intending to deceive the “to” recipient about who is receiving the
D) is unethical if the recipient
can’t be disadvantaged or hurt by sharing the message secretly
E) diverts recipients’ attention
from the message content with an overly long header

55) Which of the following is an
example of a routine business message providing instructions?
A) notifying customers of a price
B) explaining how to complete a
requisition form
C) confirming a project deadline
with a client
D) informing a coworker that you
have the data she requested
E) requesting assistance on a
project from a colleague

56) To make it easy for the
audience to follow the instructions, ________.
A) jump right into the directions
at the start of your message
B) if the sequence or order of
steps is important, use bullets instead of numbers
C) include only one action per
step of instructions
D) if an instruction is
conditional, identify the condition after the action verb
E) if a step requires
explanation, place the explanation before the action

57) A brief overview at the start
of your instructional message ________.
A) will divert readers’ focus
from the directions that are the point of the message
B) is unnecessary in most cases,
and will confuse readers
C) will help your audience
understand when and why they need to use the instructions
D) will waste readers’ time and
distract from the instructional aspect of the message
E) will give readers all the
information they need, and allow them to skip to the end of the message

58) Which of the following best
expresses the role of goodwill in business?
A) Goodwill is a luxury that
communicators can’t afford, given the more important priorities they must
B) Goodwill is merely etiquette,
adding embellishments to messages to make them sound more polite.
C) Goodwill is a nice indulgence
that allows you to be gracious to people when you have extra time and energy.
D) Goodwill is key to building
and strengthening the relationships that are vital to an organization’s
E) Goodwill is the icing on the
cake, that allows people to feel good about the hard work they do.

59) All of the following are
examples of goodwill messages EXCEPT
A) a note thanking a coworker for
her assistance on a project
B) an email telling a colleague
about a book you think he’d find interesting
C) a card expressing your
condolences for an employee whose family member died
D) a phone call congratulating a
coworker on her promotion
E) a letter telling a customer
that her claim has been granted

60) Thank-you messages ________.
All of the following accurately
complete the statement above EXCEPT
A) express appreciation
B) make your audience feel good
about something they have done for you
C) offer you the opportunity to
display your professionalism
D) should always be handwritten
E) may be conveyed over the phone

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