Outcomes addressed in this activity:Unit Outcomes:Complete the Final ProjectCourse…

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Outcomes addressed in this activity:Unit Outcomes:Complete the Final ProjectCourse Outcome:IT590-1:Analyze legal and ethical issues in the field of information technology.IT590-2:Apply ethical theories to information technology case studies.IT590-3:Discuss recent legislation related to ethical computing.IT590-4:Evaluate differences in ethical codes of information technology conduct in different cultures.Final Project Instructions:Throughout this course, you have analyzed and discussed case studies and issues on key ethical issues in information technology. Now it is time to consider how these theories apply to your current career and field of study.Compile your research you have completed during this course.Analyze and discuss two legal and ethical issues related to Information Technology. Some examples might include Net Neutrality, Digital Divide, Security, Privacy, Intellectual Property, and Handicap Accessibility.Find at least one case study that discusses ethics in Information Technology. What were some of the ethical issues you identified within the case study? What workable ethical theory was applied? Clearly explain the workable ethical theory and how it was applied in this case. Would you have reached a similar conclusion? Explain.Identify at least two laws that deal with Information Technology. How will these laws affect the way in which you make your decisions and conduct business? How do these laws apply to the workable ethical theories you have studied this term?Think about a situation in which you may be conducting business with people from other cultures. How might your Code of IT Conduct differ from theirs? Use examples and/or case studies to demonstrate. Make sure that you explain each idea fully andsupport it withcredibleresearch.As you write, you may consider some of the topics below:Ownership of information.Preventing spam, e-mail viruses, Denial-of-ServiceComputerized invasion of privacy.Policies for handling consumer information or anonymity and identity.Plagiarism.Releasing buggy or imperfect software.Encryption Control ActCopyright Protection.Final Project Requirements:Submit a research paper that is 6–8 pages in length, excluding cover page, table of contents, and references. Your final paper’s content should synthesize course concepts, provide a review of supporting material, and present a general understanding of the selected topic. In addition, your paper should include:Paper must include5–7crediblereferencesto support your position. Your sources can be from course texts or assigned readings. However, utilizing journals from the Kaplan online library is preferred.All in-text citations and references must be presented using APA style and formatting guidelines. When completing your Assignment, take a clear stand on whether a particular action or decision is right or wrong and then defend it, using one or more of the workable ethical theories described in the book.Include 5-7crediblereferences (with citations) to support viewpoints.Minimum 6-8 pages long, (not including cover page) 12 pt. type, double-spaced and free of spelling errors.Save file asProject6_yourlastname.docand submit to the Dropbox.For instructions on how to submit your Assignment to the Dropbox, click on the Academic Tools tab aboveWritten Assignment RequirementsAnswers contain sufficient information, adequately researched and cited, to credibly and specifically answer the questions. Deductions for spelling, grammar, organization and citation errors are outlined in the MSIT Writing Rubric.Please be sure to download and reference the file “Writing Center Resourcesâ€Review the grading rubric below before beginning this activity. Printable rubrics are available in Doc Sharing.Final Project grading rubric = 250 pointsProject Requirements / criterionMaximum points possible for satisfactory completion of taskPoints earned by student#1Analyze legal and ethical issues in the field of Information Technology.Clearly analyzes and evaluates two Information Technology issues using workable ethical theories0-60#2. Apply ethical theories to information technology case studies.Applies workable ethical theories to evaluate Information Technology case studies.0-70#3Discuss recent legislation related to ethical computing.Researches two recent laws regarding ethical computing, and formulates an opinion based on one or more workable ethical theories.0-60#4Evaluate differences in ethical codes of information technology conduct in different cultures.Evaluates and makes recommendations to address differences in ethical codes of information technology conduct in different cultures in a very clear and detailed way .0-60Column Total0-250Points deducted for spelling, grammar, and/or APA errors (See the Writing Rubric).Adjusted total points


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