What is eudaemonia and how can it be achieved? How is it different to happiness?… 1 answer below »

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ReadingDesjardins Ch.2 (pp. 26-30); Ch 8 (pp. 174-181); Ch 9 (pp. 188; 199-211)Warburton N. (2007) “Aristotle – Nicomachean Ethics” :http://philclassics.libsyn.com/aristotle_nicomachean_ethics

1. What is eudaemonia and how can it be achieved? How is it different to happiness?

2. What are the most important ways that Aristotelian ethics differ from Kantian and utilitarian ethics?

3. What are the ethical issues concerning marketing and advertising in relation to consumer ‘autonomy’ and ‘targeting the vulnerable’ (pp. 202-211)? Discuss, using the example of advertising to children, with reference, to one ethical theory you find to be relevant.

4. Briefly outline the ethical issues in relation to digital consumer privacy covered in the Chapter 9 discussion case in relation to the "Golden Gate killer" and an ancestry website (p. 188). Based on the discussion on pp. 199-202, what are the key issues to consider in ethically analysing such cases?

5. Find one example of an advertisement in a newspaper, magazine or online that you believe is morally questionable and explain why, drawing on the three major ethical theories in your answer. Attach a copy of the advertisement (or a link) to your assignment. In your analysis from a virtue ethics perspective, be sure to consider Aristotle's list of virtues and the extent to which they are consistent with the actions of the key decision-makers. Consider also whether you believe the actions are likely to result in eudaemonia for the decision-makers.


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