Before beginning this assignment, review the Stakeholder Management Series – Plan Stakeholder…

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Before beginning this assignment, review the Stakeholder Management Series – Plan Stakeholder Management (PDF) instructions. Be sure to complete the following tasks:

• Extend your first paper (Identify Stakeholders). You may need to change the title and some of the paper's organization and structure in addition to incorporating information for the second paper. Do not just add to the end of the paper, integrate the work you did in the first paper with the work you are completing this week for the “Plan Stakeholder Management” paper.

• Using the required sources of information, write a paper discussing the “Plan Stakeholder Management” process in project management. Each source of material must be referenced at least once within the body of your paper.

• Provide an overview of the process.

• Discuss the stated and implied importance of “Identify Stakholders” to project management.

• Discuss whether or not you agree with PMI's decision to add the process to a new knowledge area within the PMBOK® Guide. Provide an explanation/ justification of your position.

• Add any additional information that helps you make your case.

Each paper should be able to stand on its own but should also build upon the paper developed before it. Review the Stakeholder Management Series Overview (PDF) for more information regarding the three-paper series. Deadlines are below:

• WBS 5 – Paper Two – Plan Stakeholder Management

• WBS 7 – Paper Three – Manage and Control Stakeholder Engagement

Reminder: Upon submission, your final paper will automatically be evaluated by Turnitin. (Links to an external site.) Written works submitted through this tool will be compared against TurnItIn's global academic database for overlap that could indicate potential plagiarism.

Review the Written Assignment Standards (PDF) and the rubric for more information about expectations for this assignment.


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