3 . 3 Discussion 3 . 3 – Discussion: Airport Revenue and Expense Streams 7777 unread replies . 9696.

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3.3 Discussion

3.3 – Discussion: Airport Revenue and Expense Streams

7777 unread replies.9696 replies.

After completing your readings for this week, use the Web and other sources to obtain data on airports and their annual financial reports.

1. Review an airport's annual report for at least two consecutive years.

2. Choose an airport department, and assume the role of the department manager.

3. Prepare and present an analysis of your departments budget, as if you were attending an airport budgeting meeting.

4. Recommend at least two financial strategies for your department that would increase revenues and decrease expenses.

5. Remember to comment on at least twoof your classmates posts.


3.6 Discussion

3.6 – Discussion: Research Paper Topic Selection

33 unread replies.7575 replies.

Post a summary of your research paper problem statement.

In addition, you will comment on at least twoof your classmates posts, contributing to their conversation towards enhancing their research paper development. This forum will be used throughout the course to address research paper issues.

Refer to9.4 – Research Paperfor detailed assignment information and theResources Wikipage for research resources.

This is a required but ungraded assignment.


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