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Course code and name: CPA Ethics and Governance
Assessment name: Research Assignment
Weight: 30%
Assignment due date: 18 May 2019 at 5 pm.
Length: 4,000 words
Learning Objectives Assessed:
This assignment assesses Learning Objectives 2, 6 and 7:
2. Apply the key professional responsibilities of an accountant from the perspective of a professional accounting body
3. Ascertain various compliance and regulatory regimes impacting the global business environment
4. Identify the strategic, leadership and global issues impacting accountants and the accounting profession
Graduate Outcomes supported:
This assessment supports the following Graduate Outcomes: 1,3 and 6.
This assignment is designed to enable you to apply ethics theories and corporate governance models to a contemporary workplace situation. It includes a Work Integrated Learning (WIL) experience in which your knowledge and skills are applied and assessed in a simulated workplace context.
You are currently working at a top-tier Corporate Advisory Firm in the corporate governance and ethics area. The Corporate Advisory Firm provides services to a diverse range of clients from all sectors of industry, and is comprised of multiple teams, each consisting of three employees.
The Corporate Advisory Firm holds weekly meetings, which are attended by work colleagues from a range of areas. One of the tasks required of each team during these weekly meetings is to research a contemporary issue in the field and to update the rest of your employees about it. The results of each team’s research are also submitted in the form of a written report, which is then available for future reference.
The research assignment will be undertaken in groups of three students. Please notify your lecturer of who is in your group. You will then be allocated a topic from the list below.
• Week 2: groups formed and topic chosen
• Students to meet regularly with an Agenda and Minutes of each meeting recorded and submitted as part of the assignment.
• You should research the topic thoroughly and include appropriate references.
• The submission should be in a Report format with appropriate sections including an Introduction and Conclusion.
Research Assignment Topics
Topic 5
Download relevant reports (sustainability report and annual report) of an environmentally sensitive company such as BHP Billiton.
1. In your opinion, is this a socially responsible company? Why?
2. Is being social responsible worthwhile? Explain

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