new health challenges in the workplace (pp. 332-333) • management theories and human nature… 1 answer below »

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three points to consider in evaluating workplace use of polygraphs (p. 325) • one questionable assumption of personality tests (p• 326) • four points about drug testing (pp. 327-328) • assumption of risk and the right to refuse hazardous work (p. 330) • what causes accidents (p. 331) • the key to workplace safety (p. 331) a OSHA's spotty record (p. 332)
• new health challenges in the workplace (pp. 332-333) • management theories and human nature (p. 334) • corporate record on child care (p. 336) • three moral reasons to accommodate employees' parental and family needs (pp. 336-337) • the Hawthorne experiment and the factors affecting job satisfaction (pp. 338-339) • health effects of job dissatisfaction (p. 339) a effect of participation and improved quality of work life on productivity (pp_ 340-341)
FOR Pi) RT.—pa REP; ErT1-0N-
1. How important is privacy to you personally? Describe a situation, work-related or otherwise, in which you felt your privacy was threatened. 2. Describe your experiences with drug testing or personality testing. Have you or has anyone you know been subjected to job monitoring that seemed too intrusive? 3. Does business have a responsibility to provide employees with more satisfying work lives? Or to better accommodate their family needs?
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TEACHING ELEMENTARY SCHOOL CHILDREN with intellectual disabilities requires skill, patience, and devo-tion, and those who undertake this task are among the unsung heroes of our society. Their difficult and challeng-ing work rarely brings the prestige or financial rewards it deserves. Mrs. Pettit was one of those dedicated teachers. Licensed to teach in California, she had been working with mentally challenged children for over thirteen years when her career came to an abrupt end. Throughout that career, her competence was never questioned, and the evaluations of her school principal were always positive.
Teaching was not Pettit's only interest, however. She and her husband viewed with favor various "nonconventional sexual life-styles" including 'wife swapping." Because so-called sexual liberation was a hot topic at the time, the Pettits were invited to discuss their ideas on two local television shows. Although they wore disguises, at /east one fellow teacher recognized them and discussed Mrs. Pettit's views with colleagues. A year later Pettit, then forty-eight years old, and her husband joined The Swingers," a private club in Los Angeles that sponsored parties intended to promote diverse sexual activities among its mem-bers. An undercover police officer, Sergeant Berk, visited one of
those r activity, men in Pet which (althotm een). A the mis The sc acaden were in no reap conced duct. E diplomi by eng party, s Pet Califorr Board c the 'Inc conduc tute unless Pettit's The copulal private cient e admini: duct pr would and thi the chi are Siff makes upon ft to instr In ion of t that P(

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