Ethics Case Application in regards of Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Disaster… 1 answer below »

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The purpose of this paper is for you to demonstrate your ability in normative and applied ethics. You are asked to focus on a case study of your own choice, so long as it is comprehensive and substantive enough to fulfill.
The following are some suggested case studies for your final examination which can be found on the Internet: H.B. Fuller Company case: Glue-Sniffing by Street Youths in Honduras Exxon Valdes Oil Spill Disaster Diablo Canyon: The Building of the Diablo Canyon Power Plant on a Known Geological Fault Challenger Case: Space Shuttle Disaster Charles Keating and the Saving and Loan Scandal Richard Wigton: Wall Street and the Insider Trading Scandal R.J. Reynolds Company: “Joe Camel” and the Targeting of the Young Beech-Nut Company: the No Apple-Juice Apple Juice scandal Tylenol Scare: Product Rescue and Consumer Safety
Your paper will follow the same format for application papers which you have been using weekly during the course. The paper is that you will be entirely responsible for its focus and content. Your paper is to include the four (4) items listed below: the perspective of a particular “moral agent” (to be clearly stated) “the ethical decision or issue” to be evaluated ( to be clearly stated) “two separate lists of probable consequences” consisting of at least 8 to 10 items each resulting if the proposed action is taken, or if it is not taken the special ethical “inputs” from each of the ethical theories or theorists presented in class in the order of presentation and in the order as listed below: Egoism Act Utilitarianism Rule Utilitarianism Situation Ethics Golden Rule

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