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 Message Strategies: Goodwill Messages [LO-4] As the largest employer in Loganville, your construction company provides jobs, purchasing activity, and tax payments that make up a vital part of the city’s economy. In your role as CEO, however, you realize that the relationship between your company and the community is mutually benefi cial, and the company could not survive without the eff orts of its employees, the business opportunities off ered by a growing marketplace, and the physical and legal infrastructure that the government provides. Th e company’s dependence on the community was demonstrated in a moving and immediate way last weekend, when a powerful storm pushed the Logan River past fl ood stage and threatened to inundate your company’s offi ce and warehouse facilities. More than two hundred volunteers worked alongside your employees through the night to fi ll and stack sandbags to protect your buildings, and the city council authorized the deployment of heavy equipment and additional staff to help in the emergency ef ort. As you watched the water rise nearly 10 feet high behind the makeshift dike, you realized that the community came together to save your company.

Your task: Write a Wall post for your company’s Facebook page, thanking the citizens and government offi cials of Loganville for their help in protecting the company’s facilities during the storm. Use your creativity to make up any details you need to write a 100- to 200-word message.


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