In accordance to the criticism aimed at studying business ethics, many viewed it as a mixture of… 1 answer below »

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In accordance to the criticism aimed at studying business ethics, many viewed it as a mixture of _____ and personal opinion that could interfere with the functioning of a business.Select one:a. abstract thinkingb. sentimentalityc. religious connotationsd. rigidity
2.Which among the following is responsible for the fact that theoretical reason and science play an important role in any study of ethics?Select one:a. Importance associated with considering available alternativesb. Importance associated with determining factsc. Importance associated with identifying ethical issuesd. Importance associated with considering impact of decisions on stakeholders
3.Understanding the change in attitude towards studying business ethics includes the understanding that corporate scandals in the recent past have largely affected _____.Select one:a. stockholdersb. employeesc. directorsd. stakeholders
4.Immanuel Kant argued that there is one fundamental ethical principle that one has to follow, no matter what the consequence. Identify it.Select one:a. Speak the truth alwaysb. Remain loyal to family.c. Respect the dignity of individuals.d. Always help the poor.
5.One sector of economists that view profit maximization as a central idea to corporate social responsibility are following theSelect one:a. social justice through fairness framework of ethics.b. deontological framework of ethics.c. utilitarian framework of ethics.d. virtue-based framework of ethics.
6.Which among the following distinguishes good people who make ethically responsible decisions from good people who do not?Select one:a. Moral incentives
b. Moral obligationsc. Ethical goal orientationd. Moral imagination
7.Which among the following frameworks of ethics becomes less practical with an increase in the number of people, animals, etc that could be affected by decisions made?Select one:a. Virtue ethics framework of ethics.b. Utilitarian framework of ethics.c. Social justice through fairness framework of ethics.d. Deontological framework of ethics.
8.While considering the fact that anyone can make unethical choices, the questions that are most difficult to answer are often those that are most important to answer inSelect one:a. understanding the perspective of the stakeholders.b. analyzing the financial liabilities.c. defining who we are.d. justifying the decision to the media.
9.Many businesses looking to hire graduates expect an impetus on teaching not just information and knowledge about ethics, but also:Select one:a. ethical behavior.b. to train others at the workplace.c. intervention in case of unethical practices.d. humanitarian, political and psychological perspectives.
10.The primary aim of ethical values is that the well-being promoted through it is not of a/an _____ and _____ nature.Select one:a. religious, theologicalb. altruistic, familialc. personal, selfishd. esoteric, technological
11.Identify, among the following, one that is not a cognitive barrier to responsible, ethical decision-making.Select one:a. An ignorance that is willful and intentionalb. Considering limited alternativesc. Not following simplified decision rulesd. Satisficing
12.Role-based duties concerned with professionals in business (lawyers, accountants, financial analysts, bankers etc.) are often termed as _____.Select one:a. work cultureb. code of conductc. activity alertsd. gatekeeper functions
13.What according to the authors will prove best for optimally satisfying the various interests in the two approaches to utilitarianism?Select one:a. Market-based solutionsb. Consumer-supplier partnershipsc. Deontological practicesd. Strict governmental regulations
14.Philosophical ethics argues that a key test of _____ is whether or not a decision would be acceptable from the point of view of all parts involved.Select one:a. ethical legitimacyb. responsibilityc. moralityd. normative studies
15.Learning about the history of ethics through the works of Aristotle, Immanuel Kant etc, involves an approach to ethics that focuses on theSelect one:a. descriptive nature of ethics.b. accountability of human choices.c. informational content of the class.d. reasoning behind the action/ decision.

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