The fact that a woman makes less than a man even when both are employed full time at the same job is

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The fact that a woman makes less than a man even when both are employed full time at the same job is due to (Points : 1) a glass ceiling. pink collar jobs. a wage gap. the feminization of poverty.Question 2.2.According to Gans, if economics is a zero-sum game, (Points : 1) then permitting extreme wealth will assure extreme poverty. the highest paid positions will be given to the most talented people. society will be a meritocracy where economic success will be determined solely on the basis of the abilities of individuals. the criminal justice system will work to ensure the poor and racial/ethnic minority group members will go to prison more often.Question 3.3.Gagnon and Simon’s argument that no behavior is inherently “sexual” but any action could be seen as desirable depending on the cultural or subcultural understanding of the behavior is called (Points : 1) patrimony. sexual orientation. heterophobia. social construction of sexuality.Question 4.4.Your grandparents could make a living with only a high school diploma, but you may have to attain advanced degrees in order to be eligible for any decent job. This concept is sociologically referred to as (Points : 1) credentialism. unfair. horizontal mobility. generation gap.Question 5.5.Patricia Hill Collins has argued that in order to understand inequality, we must work to understand the wisdom that comes from their experience and not just the knowledge that comes from scientific study. Hill Collins’ idea is an example of (Points : 1) standpoint theory. final wave feminism. first wave feminism. second wave feminism.Question 6.6._________________ argues that any marginalized group, such as women, must be understood through the eyes of that group. (Points : 1) Standpoint theory First wave feminism Final wave feminism Second wave feminismQuestion 7.7.According to the gay rights organization Stonewall, ______ of LGBTQ victims of hate crimes have been threatened with bodily harm or rape. (Points : 1) 10% 50% 40% 20%Question 8.8.Sociologically, minority groups are defined by (Points : 1) various biological traits. the number of people in their group. the amount of power and control the group members have over their lives. their country or origin.Question 9.9.What is the 2014 U.S. government poverty line for a single person? (Points : 1) $11, 670 $9,732 $19,790 $26,000Question 10.10.For sociologists, the relationship between race and ethnicity is best described as: (Points : 1) unrelated. much of what people attribute to race is actually more about ethnicity. nonexistant, as all racial discrimination was eliminated through of civil rights laws. race is a term used to refer to minority groups while ethnicity refers only to dominant groups.

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