Hi, actually this is our group assignment. You need to do only last part. The instructions are at follows Description Case analysis 2 is continued from case analysis 1. In this assignment, you will c

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Hi, actually this is our group assignment. You need to do only last part.

The instructions are at follows


Case analysis 2 is continued from case analysis 1. In this assignment, you will complete your analysis of your assigned case and turn it in for evaluation by your professor, as well as post it in the appropriate case Discussion forum for the unit in which your case is due. Your analysis shall suggest strategic decisions for the company and make recommendations for the company moving forward. You will review your previous casework and improve it on the basis or instructor and peer feedback


Your analysis should include:

1. A proposal for a new vision and mission that you feel would better represent the company.

2. An IFE and EFE OR a SWOT Analysis

3. Recommendations on strategic directions for the company that are supported by 2 of the following:

1.  SPACE Matrix

2. BCG Matrix

3. IE Matrix

4.   QSPM

4. Rationalization as to why recommendations are being made.

I had written the instructions for the whole assignment, but you only have to do the 4th point. My groupmates have done the first 3 points. So, you have to do only 4th point. I had also attached case analysis 1 in the files.

You have to write 2 pages in APA style and two references minimum.

Hi, actually this is our group assignment. You need to do only last part. The instructions are at follows Description Case analysis 2 is continued from case analysis 1. In this assignment, you will c
Introduction The company “Research in Motion” upheaval the cell phone industry when it introduced Blackberry solution in year of 1999.In 1984, RIM originated and produced wireless solution for technological market the main office was in Canada, Northern America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. This organization provides approach and solutions for data like email, SMS, voice, instant texting, internet, or intranet-based apps with the help of various software and hardware and services that withstand multiple wireless network standards. Also, software development kits, third-party support programs and wireless connections are used to ameliorate their products and services. This organisation RIM is also known for their facts encrypted associated. This BlackBerry production line is essentially given rise to revenue by selling the BlackBerry cell phones. Moreover, this organisation provides non-warranty repairs and the accessories to the customers for better service. There are many other carriers and channels through which the Blackberry smartphones are available, and these are designed to get operated by different carrier network. Millions of people use Blackberry products and services which keep them connected to others throughout the world. RIM, now known as BlackBerry Limited, was once Canada’s most valued corporation and the largest smartphone manufacture (Friend, 2013). RIM was a major mover for the telecoms industry, substantially altering the way people communicate. RIM had around 80 million users worldwide at the moment of its maximum in September 2012, with earnings exceeding $19 billion. The BlackBerry was the most popular cellphone in the market at the era, a significant triumph for the corporation in terms of product recognition. However, the business is continuously struggling to stay afloat, with revenues, subscribers, and profitability all dropping steadily from 2013. The BlackBerry has a tremendous success since it was first introduced in the early 2000s. When 2011 arrived, RIM’s fortunes began to deteriorate. Companies are suffered over than 75% of their share value in the last year. It resulted in a loss of market sentiment. Meanwhile, they would have to contend with Apple’s competitiveness, malfunctioning devices such as the Playbook, and repeated job cutbacks. If these issues are not resolved over the upcoming five years, they will go insolvent, having a significant influence on the cellular market. Major competitors for RIM or blackberry is Apple, but at the same time other big competitors came into market which is also a big problem for the company which are Samsung and other google android phones which took the major market. The Android has changed the game in the market which attracted the customers to them with the big screens, faster processor, high quality camera’s and appealing designs where the product of RIM lacked to understand the customers preference and taste. Vision and mission statement are those part of the company or an organization which shows the desired position in the future that the company wants, and mission statement describes the business of the company and the way that company is adopting to achieve its objectives. And most of the cases vision and mission statement are combined together to give one statement which shows aim, values of the company. As in this case our company is Blackberry which was started by “Research In Motion (RIM)” in 1984, the vision of this company is “Securing a connected future you can trust” (Blackberry, nd). Blackberry’s vision statement is the essential arrangement for future, or we can say it the plan for the future That characterizes what blackberry wants to do in the future and where they want to be in the future. The business statement is a document Bagwell recognize the objectives of the company to work with its key, administrative and decision-making process. The mission statement of this company is “To be the world’s leading provider of end-to-end mobility solutions that are the most secure and trusted” (Blackberry, nd). The mission statement is the basic activity which clarifies the company’s purpose. Examples of how the organizational is helping the clients, workers, and proprietors and normally include general description of the company. It depends on the interest of the business that canteen’s mission statement to be even bigger. Not only explaining about what you are serving to your clients, employees, but it also matters what you are doing in the local area or for the community (Hempel, J., 2010). Blackberry gives off an impression of being on pattern to address the issue that EoT will bring. There was an expression given by a BlackBerry as follows: “We enable you to confidently mobilize your infrastructure to be most competitive in the new paradigm”. BlackBerry has for quite some time been related with security as they convey the message- “only end-to-end and secure mobility platform” comprising of big business arrangements, innovation arrangements, secure informing, and handsets. They likewise offer genuine types of assistance, for example, network protection counseling, execution administrations, and client service (Gold, 2014). Strengths Most significant strength of the company is that it is producing cutting edge technology products with its heavy assets. In the developing countries it is known as established brand. Its is so famous in the market because of its strength. RIM`s products are created because of the importance of R&D in the company. RIM is having a market share of 62%. It is also established in handheld market. RIM preserve its existing customers and attract new ones with its products being extraordinary, inventive with good qualities in them. Another strength of RIM is its proficient work force and management which is needed for any organisation to be successful. Strong institutional culture is strength of RIM to make its customers happy. RIM is having good financial structure so is why it is making high quality products. RIM is keeping its prestige with its reputation management and that is why it is successful worldwide. Weakness 1. Blackberry over-relies on North America as its sole revenue source. Blackberry Limited generates 70.9 percent revenue in North America compared to 22.1 percent in Europe, Asia, and Africa revenue and 7 percent in other regions in 2021. This means that there is increased risk due to less risk diversification on revenue sources. 2. Increased operating expenses due to impairment of goodwill. The value of goodwill has dropped below previously recorded. 3. Weak foothold in other markets such as Europe, Africa, and Asia denies the company high revenue stream. 4. Inefficiency in generating higher revenue compared to spending on selling, marketing, and administration. Opportunities 1. Economic uptick and increases in customer spending may provide an opportunity for Blackberry to increase sales in the future. 2. New markets in Asia and Africa provide lucrative opportunities for the company to tap into this customer base for its future products hence promoting its footholds and revenue streams. 3. Changes in customer taste provide a great opportunity for Blackberry to build new revenue streams and diversify in product categories to cater to different tastes of customers. 4. Increasingly technological adoption provides the company with a cheap option of reaching out to customers, addressing customers’ concerns on time, and taking advantage of a wide source of data to understand customer purchasing behavior. Threats “Though Blackberries were the original Smartphones, both Apple and Samsung beat it to the race to build the Smartphone of the future because they provided the flexibility and ease of use that Blackberries lacked and hence, were able to corner market share and take away its competitors.” “Apart from the threats posed by its competitors, Blackberry has to fight the slack and the gloomy internal environment, which because of the troubles that the company has been through in recent years has resulted in lower employee morale and a general lack of direction. Given the fact that the Smartphone industry thrives on innovation, Blackberry has to rejuvenate itself and reinvent itself apart from rescuing itself from the sagging momentum and motivation of its employees.” Conclusion “The preceding discussion has highlighted the need for Blackberry and its management to take proactive steps to pull the company from the quagmire it finds itself in. The recent strategic moves made by the new leadership are to be seen in the light of the company’s drift away from its profit making and market leadership model to a situation where it is no longer in the reckoning. In conclusion, Blackberry and its leadership have their task cut out as they gear themselves to take on the challenges from the Smartphone companies like Apple and Samsung.” References Alegre, I. (2018). The real mission of the mission statement: A systematic review of the literature. Retrieved on October 29, 2021, from https://www.cambridge.org/core/journals/journal-of-management-and-organization/article/abs/real-mission-of-the-mission-statement-a-systematic-review-of-the-literature/B9DB217DDD2EED41C69397ED64444CA0 Blackberry. Com. (2021). Investor Information-Form 10-K: Retrieved from https://www.blackberry.com/us/en/company/investors


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