Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Evolution of Information Management.

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Hi, need to submit a 1250 words paper on the topic Evolution of Information Management. In this document, the relevance of the volumes of information that are currently available for exploitation will be discussed. We will also analyze whether managers and businesses in general need this information or whether they find it useful.

From the above two analyses, this document will determine whether organizations can come up with new and better alternatives to sorting out the information overload that is stuffed in the market. This is an important part of the discussion because, with the flooded information in the market, it is paramount that organizations be selective with the data and information that they would want to exploit. This filtration and sorting of data and information can be done using technical solutions, through a social approach or the use of both methods.

Most of the information that is presently being used were developed in the early days. A few individuals developed this information, which was documented probably for the sake of their own remembrance. This is because an individual mind could not store accurate volumes of information no matter how much trained the brain was. However, as people discovered new theories and as people developed philosophically, arguments and counterarguments must have been presented and this information kept on piling. To keep track of the previous article, unique identities had to be created, which would enable specific categorization of similar texts, topics, or authors. This would enable critiques and peer reviews from those interested in the information.

With these vast materials now available, the idea of indexing and creating reference books&nbsp.ensured that information can be traced if they were developed systematically. As cited by Blair (2010), the first technology deployed specifically for this use was the florilegium. This was used to highlight specific topics from renowned authors and texts. This would mean that the information categorized using this tool was to be accessed and read wholesomely instead of being consulted.


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