Hi, this is the final exam . Subject: Digital Marketing Strategy Instructions 1. This is a take home exam, with access to book and class materials. 2. Your objective is to write a semi-st

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Hi, this is the final exam .

Subject: Digital Marketing Strategy


1.       This is a take home exam, with access to book and class materials.

2.       Your objective is to write a semi-structured short essay following the conventions used in the mid-term.

3.       Extended means between 400 and 600 words inclusive of appendices PER ANSWER. Only word files (No PDF or PP). As a rule of thumb, you can use up to 50 % of the space in Theoretical support and 25 % example and reflection respectively. ==WORD LIMIT STRICTLY ENFORCED==

4.       You are expected to provide academic and professional references to complete your arguments. You can naturally refer to the textbook and class notes as initial reference only. Do not  use quotes, definitions or materials from textbook or  class materials.

5.    You can use graphic support within space limits and following referencing rules

6.      Choose TWO OUT THE THREE QUESTIONS PROVIDED. All your answers clearly outlined with titles and in one single file.

7.      Submit your files in the turn-it in drop box found in week eleven tab in the course’s Moodle space.


Q1. Content Marketing. “Thanks to advances in digital wallets and built-in payment mechanisms, users can browse, select, and purchase with a few touches. And if you can provide them with a seamless, interactive experience, how could they not fall for your charms?” What concept/ idea is best described by the Dodson quote above? Provide an example in the context of the company selected in your case/final project. In your reflection what core concept from the first part of the course is related to this idea?

Q2 CCS/CCM. What is the role that CRM systems play in the successful CCS strategy? What is, according to Peter Fader one common issue with them? Provide an example of CRM in any service sector. In  your reflection, why is the CLV concept so hard to establish. Identify and reflect on one main reason.

Q3 PPC/SEO Explain the relationship between search engine optimization (SEO) and pay per click (PPC).  Dodson when explaining the way PPC works goes on saying “Those are the product of PPC-savvy digital marketers, reaping the benefits of high click-through rates (CTRs) by paying a little extra” How does this idea play with the notion of SEO analyzed in the book and in class? In your example, show a real or hypothetical situation in which these two approaches are used in a product or business facing intense competition.  In your reflection, discuss why some digital marketers are reluctant to use PPC strategies even when evidence shows otherwise


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