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  1. Name:
    Trade and Fall of Rome

  2. Instructions
    This essay will require some internet research!  You must answer the questions fully in paragraph form and support your answer with information from your text and or proper internet resources.  Please provide the web address of the site you use to answer any questions!

    Answer the following questions using proper grammar, sentence structure etc.  Please number each answer.  This is not an actual essay.  I want specific answers to the following questions.

    1. What was the most important exchange made between people as commerce continued on the trade routes?   Then, explain why it is the most important!  This is not a one word answer!  (10 pts.)

    2. ROME DID NOT FALL TO BARBARIAN HORDES!  The Germanic tribes, were, for all practical purposes, as roman as their Italian counterparts.  They desired the culture of Rome.  Why did these tribes move into formerly “Roman territory?”  You must provide evidence and explain your answer fully!  (20 pts.)

    3. The Roman Christian Church rose to prominence in the west after the “Fall of Rome?”   WHY?  (20pts.)


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