​Homework 2

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Homework 2

(1) Use the
documents and information provided to create a balance sheet and cash flow
statement for Luke and Jen. ( I have already done it but I think it is not a correct form both
file will be in attach the Excel I made and Model from Prof. )

(2) Perform a
financial statement analysis for Jen and Luke and assess their financial health
using the template provided.

a. The ratios
are provided in an Excel template ( in attach done i had already calculate the ratio)

b. For each
ratio, identify and list the component data for each numerator/denominator

c. For each
ratio, compare the client’s result to an appropriate benchmark and provide an
explanation of the result

d. Summarize
your analysis, offering an overall assessment of their financial health.

e. Explain how
they can improve their financial health, noting results that to not meet
benchmark expectations.


Your grade
will heavily depend on format, clarity, and presentation. Remember that you are
preparing this report for your client who does not understand ratio analysis.


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