one part of project about corporate strategy and growth

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Hello here IS assignment about CORPORATE STRATEGY AND GROWTH project the company is GrubHub. and please put the points of CORPORATE STRATEGY AND GROWTH and write the analysis and the explanation because i will put it in power point, (((also do not write more than 5 pages and here is the instructions:


  • What are the corporate strategies the company is engaging in to power its future growth? What do you think the company should focus its resources/investment on order to achieve better growth in future? What are the big opportunities that the company should and can capitalize on to achieve future growth?
  • Are there any capabilities that the company lacks and needs to develop for future growth? If so, what do you think are the best ways they can develop these capabilities? How can the company prepare to mitigate any future threats in the industry and general macroeconomic environment?
  • What innovations does the company need to engage in in order to put itself in a good position for future growth? What innovations is the company engaging in now to prepare itself for the future changes in the industry? Will they put the company in a good trajectory for growth?

Resources ((( please please do not get out this resources)))

I recommend you use the following resources, rather than just relying on Google and finding a few disjointed articles about it. The comprehensiveness and depth of your research will naturally be reflected in the quality of your paper and your grade.

  1. Mergent Online (a library database) gives you 15 years of the company’s financial statements so you can easily see the trend, plus many other resources
  2. Company’s most recent 10K (annual) or 10Q (quarterly) filings (you can find it from SEC or company’s investor relations website), which gives you comprehensive information about the company’s business, and financials. Two most useful sections are financial statements and manager’s discussion of the business. (Note: You are expected to use 10K instead of company’s own annual report, which tends to be promotional in nature!)
  3. Contact investor relations to ask to talk to somebody regarding some in-depth questions, e.g. finding out sales from a specific segment. You can tell them you are an MBA student working on a final project and most likely you will be able to talk to someone knowledgeable.
  4. Other library databases such as Business Source Premier (library database), which often gives you industry profiles, and many articles from various journals and newspapers. But pls. note the industry analysis here is only to jog your thinking, and you need independent thinking to capture the essence. (The guide about how to access library databases and resources (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. is available from the MSU library website).

Based on the past experience, I also have the following guidance. It’s extremely important you read and understand these carefully to make sure you meet the expectations:

  1. This is an integrative strategy project, and you have all the strategy tools at your disposal, including those from this corporate strategy/managing the multi-business class, plus the tools learned in the earlier business strategy/achieving competitive advantage class (esp. in Part 2 industry analysis). Pick whatever strategic tool/framework that are most relevant to your analysis, and can generate the most insights regarding the questions posed, e.g. you might want to use business strategy tools such as SWOT, Porter’s Five Forces, VRIO, value chain analysis, etc. for the questions in Part 2, in addition to examining the corporate strategy decisions such as alliances, acquisitions, and innovation. While applying the strategic tool/framework, aim to have a firm grasp of the few key factors instead of a long laundry list as a common pitfall e.g. in Porter’s Five Force or SWOT analysis.
  2. The focus is on analyzing strategic decisions and their impact on company performance and not descriptions, therefore only include brief background and facts absolutely necessary for the analyses. Overly detailed descriptions and space fillers (e.g. copy & paste company history, mission statements, etc. from websites) will have a negative impact for evaluation. Do not act like a spokesperson or promoter for the company, or include company videos (most of them promotional in purpose), except in the rare necessary occasion, e.g. to explain a complex technology.
  3. The quantity and quality of your data sources and interpretation are key criteria in evaluating the final project. It’s critical you use valid and comprehensive data sources and include them in the notes section of each slide. If you have to use data from some random article on Internet, cross check with other trustworthy sources and your business sense. Examining the financial data carefully to see patterns and thinking hard about the business model driving these numbers will help achieve depth of insights.
  4. Since our focus in this course is on corporate strategy, it’s important to break down the company’s revenue and profits into segments in your financial data analysis, and see which segments offer better growth to drive the future growth engine. Think about what these numbers mean and portend about the future. You can often find this from companies’ 10K filings to SEC or elsewhere.
  5. You should aim to achieve insights at the level of depth of a executive who really understand the name of the game in this business, rather than at a superficial level of a consumer who knows what everybody already knows. After all, strategy is the job of top level executives. Note that to better understand strategy, we also need to keep an objective stance and use critical thinking, and not be biased by company’s own propaganda and grand talk. Failures and mistakes need to be studied and properly evaluated as well as successes.

here is the Criteria:

1- Comprehensive Research with Data Insights : Strong: Has conducted comprehensive and systematic research using most of suggested resources & databases, with extensive data and able to generate insightful analyses/patterns/interpretations from data and info

2- Critical Thinking and Independent Analysis: Strong: Shows high level of critical, independent and deep thinking by being able to grasp and focus on the most key issues at hand and discover unique insights or conclusions from the analysis

3-Presentation Organization, and Professionalism:Strong: Presented in a highly professional, logical, and organized manner, free from errors in data and grammar, with all sources indicated in footnotes Posted on time and replied to at least two others.

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