what approach do you choose

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In a 2,000-word paper, *APA formatting*

  1. Describe your personal approach to counseling
  2. Evaluate one of the scenario below – The scenario on Jane*/attach below
  3. Provide practical application of your counseling approach to the chosen scenario

Scenario:Jane has come to counseling struggling with depression. She constantly feels down, has trouble performing daily tasks, and finds herself with little energy. She claims that she has a relationship with God, but feels like He has left her alone in this struggle. Jane has sought help from other therapists in the past, but feels that the help is only temporary, as she continues to struggle with her depression.

* Lets use a Integration Approach: In this scenario, the practitioner would seek help from both psychology and theology. What does psychological theory (let us use the cognitive behavioral theory for this example) tell us about her thoughts and her actions? What thoughts are consuming her and what behaviors are coming out of those thoughts? How could her thoughts be limiting her in dealing with past issues? Theologically, what thoughts of hers are contrary to Scripture? The Bible speaks at length about the downcast and casting our cares on the Lord. They also speak at length about forgiveness and grace. The integrationist, then, would have a two-pronged approach in dealing with this situation, and like the approach above, would seek to define her condition categorically.An Integration Approach: This approach begins with the belief that there are multiple sources of authority, namely, psychology, theology, and spirituality, though not all are equally authoritative or are all used at any given moment in counseling. Rather, the situation determines which is more appropriate. Greggo and Sisemore (2012) note that all three are used, and all three sources of authority are highly valued.

(Insert into – paper Lecture GCU Week 8:As counselors, you are encouraged to keep yourself focused on your relationship with the Lord. Most of you have already taken the course on spiritual formation for counselors. In that course, the importance of the counselor’s own relationship with God and knowledge of His Word is explored. Your spiritual walk will vastly impact your approach to counseling. When practitioners are intent on knowing the Scriptures and communicating God’s truths, not only will that permeate counseling conversations, it will influence the counselor’s understanding of a given situation. As was stated earlier in this course, the Scriptures do not necessarily preclude the use of secular categories and techniques, but their assumptions are fundamentally different. A counselor who is walking closely with the Lord will be better able to understand and spot those differences.


Greggo, S. P., & Sisemore, T. A. (Eds.). (2012). Counseling and Christianity: Five approaches. Downers Grove, IL: IVP Academic.


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