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A linear equation in two variables has infinitely many solutions. The set of all solutions to a linear equation in two variables forms a line. Two or more linear equations form what is called a “system of equations”. We have seen that the solution to a system of equations is the ordered pair where the lines intersect, thus the ordered pair solves both equations in the syste

You will use the skills of solving systems of linear equations learned in this weeks’ material along with previous skills of translation and apply them to a real world exercise showing how to solve it.

  • From page 311-314 of the text, choose one word-problem from numbers 15-50 – state the problem
  • Use the exercise number as the title of your post so that it can easily be seen which exercises have been used: failure to do so may result in non-acceptance of post
  • Do not use an exercise that has already been used: repeating an already used exercise can result in non-acceptance of post
  • Using the methods in our text, show and explain how to formulate your system of equations (two equations in two unknowns) for your exercise
  • Clearly indicate the two equations that form your system
  • State whether you are using the addition method or substitution method to solve your system
  • Show and explain each step as you solve your system
  • State your solution as an ordered pair, explain what this solution means in the context of the problem (write the answer to the word-problem in words)
  • Show and explain how to check your solution! Page 312 question 20.As part of his retirement strategy, John plans to invest $200,000 in two different funds. He projects that the moderately high risk investments should return, over time, about 9% per year, while the low risk investments should return about 4% per year. If he wants a supplemental income of $12,000 a year, how should he divide his investments?

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