philosophy essay 21

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  • Think of your reader as someone who needs your help. Your essay will serve as a tutorial:
  • o Organize your thoughts so they are expressed on paper as a coherent whole. Given the constraints of the exam format, you’ll probably write a minimum of four, and a maximum of six paragraphs. These should ‘hang together’ in a way that’s easy to follow; there is a clear progression of ideas.

    o Write intelligibly: sentences must be grammatical and cohesive.

    o Choose your words carefully. Remember, you’re constructing ideas

    for your reader.

    o Orient your essay around a single point you want to make, using

    your thinker(s) as evidence.

    Do not quote the text. I want to read you, not the thinker in question. Reference any textual evidence you use in your essay in your own words, e.g., ‘Socrates says that he doesn’t know anything…,’ rather than, “I know that I have no wisdom, small or great.”


    Question Pool

  • Is a severed hand a substance? What about an apple recently plucked from a tree?
  • How do contraries, substances, and the four causes explain change?
  • Why does Aristotle conclude an unmoved mover is the ultimate necessary
  • explanation of motion?

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