watch the attached link video

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watch the attached link video and write Minimum 5 minutes speak. Typed Reference Cited pag.

Minimum of one peer reviewed journal article. I am mainly concerned with the following:

1. Your ability to identify claims/arguments

2. Your ability to identify support or lack of support for claims/arguments

3. Your ability to critically think and analyze arguments/claims

4. Your ability to provide your own argument based on reason and evidence (either agreeing or disagreeing).

5. Your ability to work as a group and complete this project. This includes things like quality of work, turning it in on time, professionalism, creativity, and effort.


Be as creative as you want, use intro music or anything else. But you must include the following:

a) Introductions of students

b) Provide the audience a summary of what they are about to listen to

c) Provide a summary of the debate – positions/arguments/people

d) What is the importance of this topic? Why should we pay attention to this debate?


Here, I am looking for your understanding of claims/arguments and the support (or lack of) that is provided.

a) There are several different arguments/claims being made – summarize the issues and how they are related to each other

b) Who are the debaters and what are their arguments?

c) Present your outside research to demonstrate your knowledge on these topics


Here, I am looking for your articulation of your opinion/analysis of debate based on class lectures/concepts and your own research

a) What is your analysis of each debater’s argument and support?

b) Bring up specific examples from the debaters.


Please include the following concluding points

a) Why is this an important debate/discussion to have? – meaning your discussion as well as their debate.

b) Specifically, why is this important to have here in the United States (even though this is in regards to a Canadian legislation).

c) What did you think of this final project assignment? As opposed to a research paper? As opposed to other types of assessments?

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