help with two learning activities

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Need help with these short learning activities. Please include class material.

Learning Activity #1

You are the Deputy Chief Knowledge Officer in a small Federal Government agency. The Head of the Agency is growing concerned about a recent GAO report and constant chatter among Federal Agency leaders that a large number of the agency’s employees are soon going to be eligible for retirement. You’ve been asked to attend a meeting with relevant Department Heads, including HR, to start an internal conversation about the issue. The Head of the Agency (your boss), starts the meeting by reading from the GAO report:

“‘More than a third of federal employees on-board as of 2015 will be eligible to retire by 2020, with the rates especially high in certain agencies.” That’s us. I’m told our eligibility rate is closer to 40%. Tell me, what are we going to do if even half of these folks leave in the next five years?”

  • What are some of the implications and impacts from a knowledge perspective?
  • What could be done to mitigate the impacts and perhaps leverage unanticipated opportunities?

Hint: Think both in terms of tacit and explicit knowledge as well as institutional memory but also innovation moving forward.

Your answer should include:

1. A very short verbal response to the initial question during the meeting;

2. A more developed and well structured answer in the form of a memo addressing the two additional questions above (keep it to less than 500 words). You should be able to refer to the SECI model (Nonaka & Takeuchi reading) in the answer.

Learning Activity #2

If you were to leave your job today, how would you transfer your knowledge of the job to your successor? Consider two scenarios:

a) There is no overlap with your successor (i.e., you’ll never meet him/her);
b) You have an overlap period of one month during which you can interact with your successor.

Class Material

Dalkir, K. (2005). Knowledge Management in Theory and Practice. Elsevier; Oxford, England, ISBN: 07506-7864-X

  • Chapter 3: Knowledge Management Models, (Complex Adaptive Systems) p. 67-71; (Knowledge Creation) p. 52-58
  • Chapter 4: Knowledge Capture and Codification, p. 95-107.

Uriarte, F.A. (2008). Introduction to Knowledge Management. ASEAN Foundation; Government of Japan. ISBN:978-979-19684-0-9

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