How a federal policy affects your current or desired workplace, political science assignment help

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Week Two Journal

Prepare: Prior to beginning your journal
this week, complete all course readings and assigned videos, review the
Week Two Instructor Guidance, and the Discussion, “Policy and Your
Life.” It would also be helpful to review last week’s readings.

Reflect: Once you have completed these
assignments think about how American politics have and could affect your
career aspirations. The Founding Fathers created a governmental
structure that affects almost every aspect of our lives even today. For
instance, if you are a criminal justice major, what parts of the U.S.
Constitution are applicable to what you are learning in your major? If
you are a business major, which branch of government – executive,
legislative, or judicial – has, or will have, the greatest influence on
your business ambitions? If you are a healthcare major, how does
separation of powers in the U.S. government affect the operations of
most economic, social, and political processes throughout the United

Also, think about how federalism and the U.S. Congress have
affected or will affect your life. The federal structure ensures that
there is a clear line between local, state, and federal government
regulations, policies, and oversight—sometimes! Think about how federal
statues affect your work or will affect your work in the future. Does
Congress have oversight of any of the processes or products in your
workplace? Do the government regulations, policies, and oversight
sometimes conflict with local or state regulations, policies, and

Write: As you reflect on the information you
learned this week, write in your journal, based on your current major
and/or desired job, two detailed paragraphs about the following:

  • How a federal policy affects your current or desired workplace.
  • What role Congress has played in establishing workplace conditions in your current or desired job.

Your journal response must be a minimum one page,
double-spaced. Justify your conclusions with facts and persuasive
reasoning. Fully respond to all parts of the question and write your
response in your own words. Outside research and references are not
required for journal assignments, but if you choose to utilize outside
sources they must be correctly cited utilizing APA format both within
the body of your journal and include a full reference page

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