How is the literary theme represented in the short story?

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    Paper requirements:

  • Identify the theme in the short story “The last night of
    the world” by Ray Bradbury . The theme is accepting
  • Identify one to three examples in the story that support the
  • Write a thesis statement that clearly identifies the title of
    the story, its author, the theme, and what the paper will discuss
    about the story and the theme
  • Write clear topic sentences for paragraphs that let the
    reader know what the paragraph will discuss
  • Write paragraphs that explain how the examples from the story
    supports the theme including an introduction paragraph and
    conclusion paragraph
  • Write sentences in standard American English that clearly
    express ideas
  • Demonstrate the MLA style of formatting in the layout of a
  • Demonstrate the MLA style of formatting by documenting
    material from the story within the paper and on a Works Cited page
  • WORD COUNT: 500-750

*MLA format and citing is required.

Hints: Remember that your reader has read the story and is
familiar with it. You do not have to spend time on summary. Instead,
your development should explain and analyze how the theme is
demonstrated in your story.

Special Hint about Plot: Be aware that a paper about a piece
of literature is NOT a plot summary. Your plot summary, if you
must have one, should provide only the details necessary to highlight
the parts of the story that help to develop your paper, such as a
short paragraph of five to six sentences.

*Plagiarism will be checked

Please read ALL directions carefully and ask if you have any questions or need clarification.

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