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Leadership means to lead by example. Leadership is all about having the right values and morals instilled in you so that you can instill them in others as well. Leadership is about your character and how you treat others. When I obtain this master’s degree, I believe that it will put me in a position to become a great leader to others that may be under me in my profession. If leadership is about who you are, then I would have to lead with my characteristics that I have learned over the years. The first thing that I would do is be an honest leader. Being honest with the individuals that are under you will help them gain trust in you. Gaining trust will help the team progress in the right direction and also help achieve the goals that they set for themselves. The next thing that I will do to be a great leader is communicate with my team. Communication is important in any aspect of life. An important aspect of communicating is having great listening skills. When listening, it is a great idea to be empathetic towards the individual as well. The last characteristic that I have that will help lead a team in the right direction is loyalty. Being loyal to your team will help them be loyal to you. It is important to gain a tight bond as a whole so that conflict does not come up when the team does not agree. Everyone respects each other enough to talk through situations and overcome them as well.

120 word reply either agreeing disagreeing or relating to

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