hrm 560 organizational change plan powerpoint

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Required Resources

Hodges, J., & Gill, R. (2014). Sustaining Change in Organizations. Thousand Oaks, CA:

SAGE Publications.

Hello Class,

Below is the requirement for the week 10 (FINAL ASSIGNMENT) due in class on Tuesday (4 Dec).

Each student will provide me with a 2 page Executive Summary (APA format) that addresses the key points of your Organizational Change Plan:

  • Brief overview of the organization (2 sentences)
  • Diagnosis (reason for change)
  • Did you use a change model(s)? If so, briefly indicate.
  • Communication/Plan for any potential organizational resistance
  • Final Recommendation/Conclusion (what you believe will be the end result if change is implemented)

Each student will propose their desired organization change to the Leadership Team (students will represent that organization’s leadership).

Students should prepare a brief that addresses the points provided in the Executive Summary. The brief should be designed to persuade the organizational leadership to support the organization change that is proposed. The presentation will be oral and can include whatever support you (student) desires (i.e. PowerPoint, Survey results, Marketing/Communication Strategy samples, Timelines, Benchmarks from other successful organizational changes, handouts, etc.). Limit presentation to a 10 minute brief but ensure the brief hits the target for leadership to support the change. Leadership will then provide their assessment on the change proposal. References: Use at least five (5) quality academic resources in this assignment. Note: Wikipedia and other similar Websites do not qualify as academic resources.

Note: You have already done the work in previous assignments. Now pull the key points from each assignment into a final summary that will determine whether or not leadership supports your proposal.

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