Humanities questions

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Answer the following questions in a detailed, meaty paragraph for each question. Provide examples from the textbook or from the many links you have in the lecture pages and the study guides. Remember to use in-text citations and Works Cited for quoted material.


1. One feature of the Carolingian period was the central place of monasticism. Why was monasticism exceptionally suited to a time when there was little urban life?

2. Contrast the place of books in early medieval culture and in our own beyond the obvious issue of our better production technologies.

3. Drama evolved out of worship in the early medieval period just as Greek tragedy evolved out of worship in its time. Speculate on why there should be this connection between worship and drama.

4. Byzantine churches tended to lavish their decorative efforts on the insides of churches whereas Romanesque churches tended to decorate the outsides, more especially the facades. Suggest reasons for this widely observable fact.

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