I need a reply below discussion post The reply must be at least 250 words. Do not just say “good job” or “I learned something from your post.” Replies are not a cheering exercise. Instead, your replie

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I need a reply below discussion post

The reply must be at least 250 words. Do not just say “good job” or “I learned something from your post.” Replies are not a cheering exercise. Instead, your replies must be substantial, reflecting what you learned from reading the post, offering an extension, or correcting a mistake. Use what you learned in researching for your post (or knowledge gained from other classes or personal experience) to either supplement or critique the post you are writing about. You do not have to include any references for your replies.

Samsung Electronics Company Limited

Samsung Company Description

Samsung Electronics Co Ltd is a publicly traded company that manufactures a widespread range of industrial and consumer electronics products like computers, peripherals, televisions, home appliances, semiconductors, as well as computer monitors. The company also manufactures telecommunication equipment like mobiles and other devices to use networks. Samsung Electronics Co Ltd originated from South Korea, whose headquarter is the Yeong Tong District of Suwon. Samsung Electronics Co Ltd has circular ownership with majority shareholders from the United States of America. The company has sales networks and assembly plants in 74 states and employs over 290,000 workers (Lockamy, 2019).  Samsung Electronics is a member of Samsung Group involved in manufacture of microwave ovens, air conditioners, washing machines and refrigerator.

History of Samsung Electronics Co Ltd

Samsung Electric Industries was established in 1969 in South Korea founded by the Samsung group. During the company’s emergence, Samsung group was recognized as a trading company specializing in sweeteners and fertilizer. The Samsung group collaborated with a Japanese company to improve its footing in manufacturing despite unreliable technology. Samsung launched a black and white television as their first product. After the collaboration, the company majored in export marketing. During the later years, Samsung started facilities for manufacturing in nations such as England, United States, Portugal, and Japan.


The management scope in Samsung Electronics Co Ltd combines computers and human beings in information management. Information is relied on in the process of the information management system. The system provides information required on the management, such as account functioning. The information obtained is interpreted to the various levels by the staff, and decisions are made to improve the business and ensure the business practices a zero-sum game in the competition. The organization has grown in size worldwide; hence, the manager uses the information management system to manage different business functions.

Stock performance

The stock performance over the past few years has been increasing dramatically. For instance, the demand for 5G, cloud data centers, smartphones, and personal computers has increased demand, leading to a rise in price. Supply has reduced as Samsung scaled back on DRAM capital expenditure. Additionally, the demand for DRAM chips is quite inelastic, meaning that customers cannot scale backorders as prices rise. In 2020, most of the company’s profit was earned from its semiconductors sales (Yazici, & Darici, 2019). In 2017, Samsung’s revenue decreased from around 211.9 billion dollars to around 208 billion dollars in 2019 (Yazici, & Darici, 2019). The revenues increased over the previous 12 months due to the improvement of semiconductors and customer’s electronics demand (Yazici, & Darici, 2019). Recently, there is a belief that the demand will increase, leading to increased revenue for Samsung’s stock due to price increase. Mostly Samsung Electronics manufactures products in China, United State and Korea.


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