I need some assistance with these assignment. mother tongue by amy tan Thank you in advance for the help!

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I need some assistance with these assignment. mother tongue by amy tan Thank you in advance for the help! And throughout Mother Tongue, Amy Tan seems to emphasize this importance. In all, the basic point is how coping and getting into a person’s mind is particularly important in trying to understand their way of thinking, and subsequently understanding their communication. Consequently, Tan highlights how an individual can take control of any situation and use it to their advantage for the betterment of all the parties involved, in a manner that would seem most unlikely.

As already pointed out, the manner of speech is not as important as the meaning of the words used, and society should not focus so much on the way that a person communicates, rather people should focus on the intent and meaning. According to Tan, the mainstream way of thinking can easily become a hindrance towards communication, and she goes about describing how everyone has their own approach to the aspect of language and communication. The most important thing is to find a way of understanding a person’s perspective without clouding one’s judgment with the mainstream standpoint. This is the major intent that the author is focusing on writing the essay.

From the start, Tan highlights her obsession with language and communication techniques. She becomes aware of the fact that there seem to be different forms of language that are used in various contexts to yield diverse results. Even though she is used to giving talks about her writing, the presence of her mother suddenly makes her aware of the fact that she has to slightly adjust her mode of speech to accommodate the mother. She realizes that she is exactly at the thin line that connects her private and professional life, which largely translates to her communication given that she is an author of sorts.&nbsp.

Additionally, her relationship with her mother and the form of communication that they maintain is different from that that she uses in her professional life. From this onset, it is clear how communication patterns are different in the various contexts in which they are used, and the corresponding perception that society draws from them is equally astounding.


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