I need some assistance with these assignment. personal mental model Thank you in advance for the help!

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I need some assistance with these assignment. personal mental model Thank you in advance for the help! Belief involves what one thinks is true as to him and not necessarily what has been proven to be true. It is from what one believes in that result in one’s predictions and action plans. What one believes is enough to make accurate predictions as of the phenomena underlying.

One of my personal mental models is reasoning based on stereotypical beliefs. The fact that I have grown up to become familiar with the numerous stereotypes used in the creation of categories of people from different races has contributed to a strong belief that some ethnic communities have undesirable behavior. This is the reason why I believe that apartment owners should consider an individual’s race or ethnic background before the acceptance of tenants. According to my belief, this will serve to prevent cases of crises, which may result if people from some racial communities are tenants in the apartments. Experts seeking to describe how personal mental models are formed have highlighted that the conscious, the subconscious, and the creative subconscious parts of the brain are involved. However, the conscious mind is involved in the thinking process, which determines how an individual perceives different events, associations that lead to the perception, and the evaluation process that follows. After these steps, then a cause of action is chosen. Using my belief described above, it is critical to validate its outcome because the conscious mind is subject to making errors and inaccurate perceptions.

In the validation of a mental model, there are a number of steps taken to ensure that the model created suits the predicted results in the course of proving it to be a true fact. In this section, the different steps used in the validation process will be analyzed in a bid to validate the personal mental model described above.

The formulation of mental models takes into consideration the fact that such mental models include only what one thinks and does not take into account what is actually true.


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